The Undergraduate Writing Center is offering the following services:

Appointment Types
When you make an appointment at the Undergraduate Writing Center, you will work one-on-one with a Peer Learning Facilitator (a fellow undergraduate who is trained to help with writing). Peer Learning Facilitators (PLFs) can assist with any kind of paper for any class, and at any stage of the writing process. That includes help identifying a topic, formulating a thesis, organizing your ideas, incorporating and citing sources, or learning to proofread effectively. Make an appointment for help on a particular assignment, or set up regular appointments throughout the quarter to work on improving your writing.

We offer the following types of appointments:

  1. Scheduled Appointments (in-person OR Zoom): Our most common services are 25-minute or 50-minute appointments scheduled ahead of time to work with a PLF on either composition or ESL issues. These types of appointments are available in-person OR online via Zoom. Click here for more information on our appointments.

WAITLIST: When someone cancels or doesn’t come to a scheduled appointment, a session becomes available. To get on a waitlist for a canceled appointment, send an e-mail to, call (310) 206-1320 or text (310) 893-6649. Include your name, a phone number, your student ID number, and the date(s)/time(s) you are available for a session. We will call you if we have an opening.

  1. Drop-in Appointments (in-person OR Zoom): We offer drop-in tutoring on a SAME DAY, first-come, first-served basis at our locations during our regularly scheduled hours of operation. Drop-in appointments are generally 30 minutes, but you may have multiple walk-ins in one day, depending on the number of students who are waiting for an appointment. Drop-ins will be available in-person OR via Zoom. Find more information about how to sign up for a walk-in here.

What’s the Difference Between Online and In-Person Appointments?
You will receive individualized attention to your writing from a trained PLF. We will work with you on any assignment and at any stage of the writing or research process. Also, even if you don’t have a written draft, we will work with you to brainstorm ideas and identify good ideas to start your paper. If you choose a Zoom appointment, please be aware that online appointments require as much involvement as an in-person appointment. Have a clear idea of what you want to work on and show up online with lots of questions.

Making Writing Appointments
Here’s how to get started:

  • Make an appointment online by clicking on the “Book It” icon on the landing page of the website OR signing up for a drop-in.
  • When you go to schedule your appointment, at most locations, you will be asked whether you want an in-person or a Zoom appointment.
  • When you schedule, you will also be asked to provide a link to a Google doc version of your paper. If you haven’t started drafting, that’s OK. Just return to the “Book It” link. Once on the appointment scheduler, you can add the link to your paper. IMPORTANT: We need to receive those documents at least 1 hour BEFORE your appointment. Find more information about sharing your paper via Google Docs here.
  • If you’ve chosen a Zoom appointment, our appt. scheduler will automatically create and send you a Zoom link.

Privacy and Google Docs
Please remove all personally identifiable information from the document that you will share with the PLF on Google Docs. Personally identifiable information includes your UID, phone numbers or email addresses, or any other sensitive information.